Random Thoughts (on songs and stuff)

Posted on 24 Oct 2013 under Journal/Life Updates

This is one of those rare posts for which I decided the title before finishing the post itself. Actually, wait, that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes, I think of the title before I finish the post. Those are normally posts that are inspired by the title.

So, as the title says, this is a post about random thoughts. A little bit of lucid writing, something I’ve attempted before. Only difference is that I’ve got some music playing in the background (changed the songs on the mp3 player yesterday), so let’s see what the music inspires.

Right now, it’s playing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, by Tears for Fears. It reminds me of trains. The beat is simple. It chugs, like a million other songs. Chugging along. What a convenient way to describe far too many songs. I don’t know the name of the singer. He sounds like a smooth, black man. I could be wrong. I probably am. This is boring. Are you still reading this? Why?

Songs needs to be shorter. So that they change faster, and I have something new to write about. But that quite contradicts how I really feel about music. I like long songs.

Ah, perfect. Joe Satriania’s “Is There Love in Space?”. How does name his ‘songs’ anyway? Most of them are instrumental. I must admit that I think this particular number (how I hate referring to music tracks as ‘numbers’) has the perfect name, though. It sounds like it’s echoing in outer-space, beautiful like how we imagine the Milky Way looks from far away. Almost ethereal. You know what I wonder? If I didn’t know the name of this track before I heard it, would I still think of space? What if it made me think of the waves in an endless ocean on a clear night sky, gently lapping against my boat as it floats along without direction? What if solitude in the ocean was what this song was all about? Drifting without a care, letting the music, the current, the tides guide you forward, not knowing where ….

Fallout 3 has an outstanding licensed soundtrack, consisting of big band jazz music from the 50s and 60s. I’m currently listening to “Way Back Home”, by Bob Crosby. Wow, absolutely delightful. The lyrics are kind of simple, but sung with a certain genuineness that’s sweet and cheesy at the same time. This is not a song, it’s a yearning, it’s a tribute, it’s a message of love and longing. No place like home, sweet home … he says.

And now Moby’s “Harbour”, with lyrics by Sinead O’Connor. It’s a calm, beautiful song. I like Sinead’s voice. There’s nothing more to say about it. Unfortunately.

Ok no more writing.

Bye. Good night. See you tomorrow.

Not really.

PS: Next track was “Test Transmission“, by Kasabian. This is a special song by a special band. It reminds me of her, and of love and a bit about loss. About driving at night, with no traffic, head full of butterflies and pretty things, of regrets that escape with the soft sighs out of you.

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