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I do so much of my writing on days when it rains that it’s almost a bloody cliché. Seriously, how many of my posts start with descriptions of the rain outside the window, or on the windscreen of the car as I drive at snail’s pace on the way to home or office (yuck).

I don’t want to say that the weather is my muse, because that’s an oversimplification. I don’t know what my muse is, I just know that sometimes I have to write. And today is one of those days.

I’ve struggled with the words, because it’s been a while. I’ve struggled with the words because I don’t know how to say the things I think, I don’t even understand some of these thoughts I’m trying to convert from abstraction to tangibility.

Vaguely, I feel the formation of a metaphor, something about how I’m most alive when the darkness of black clouds darkens the world. I’ve mostly lived in the shadows, emerging for a few hours at a time to sing and dance for the world, and then I retreat again. I barely invite anyone into my cozy private corner where I can ruminate about my scars and imperfections, obsess over them without interruption and grow despondent in peace.

Yet, you’ve changed me. You’ve infiltrated my world, you’ve cast a different light on the way I see myself and everyone else, you’ve changed the way I do things. I’ve done things I’d never have done had it not been for you. And I began to let you in. And the more I let you in, the more I lowered my guard, the more I set myself up for the eventual pain and heartbreak that always comes. And it’s not because of you, it’s because of me. And I let you in anyway.

I let you in so much that you’ve permeated my existence. Everything I do, I weigh up to you and your approval. I compare my mistakes to your near-perfection. All you need to remind me of the burden of my insecurities is to exist. And it isn’t bloody fair. To you. But it’s what it is. And you shine brighter than anyone I’ve met before. The light of your flame changes the way I see the world. But I’m a moth, and I don’t know if I can fly around your fire any more.


Some Old(ish?) music.

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Here are a few songs to remember your childhood:

Eye Opener

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Recommended background music – Dot Hacker – Eye Opener

In the darkness, it’s easier to see you, peeking out from the shadows of my memories. I let this music envelop me in its familiar embrace, lulling me into a sense of peaceful solitude. For 5 minutes and 24 seconds, the gently beating drum-beat, the lazy guitar, the vulnerable vocals, they make me feel like I am ready to fall apart, to cease to exist, to wither and crumble into dust, to float away like grains of sand carried away by a gentle breeze.

Does that secret handshake include me?
And you, are you a part of me?

You are.

The bridges I’ve burned lie behind me, warming my back with a sadly comforting glow that casts a shadow on the path ahead. Every step I take reminds me that I’m walking blind, and I’m not sure where I’m going or how to get there.

Yet, the darkness makes it easier to see you, lying there behind my eyes.


Late Night Disjointed Thoughts

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The toll of midnight is but a few minutes away. The song loops on repeat. That stuttering, rhythmic beat goes well with the mood. We are barely out of winter, and already I feel summer creeping up, uninvited, sneaking in through the sweat I wake up in in the morning, in the warmth my thigh feels against my foot as I sit cross-legged in this bed, waiting for nothing to happen.

I look forward to the few hours of sleep.

Sleep … it’s like a lover with a  roofie. I look forward to the night, but the night goes by too soon, and when the morning arrives, I barely remember that I slept through the night, because it’s time to wake up, to get up and go to work, drive to the client’s office, take an interview or two, wishing I was somewhere else.

How nice it’d be to get away from everything. If I could find the courage to pack up and go, without telling anyone, to some place I’ve never been, find adventure or let it find me, find an answer (or a question), would I do it?

Maybe I’m not meant for it.

I used to think I’m insignificant and that the world will go existing after I’m done. With the events that have transpired globally, I wonder if I’ll outlive the world.



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Quite some time back, I was told (or I read somewhere) that the best way to live your life is to have no expectations from life. Because the world owes you nothing. You did something nice for someone? Good for you, but that doesn’t mean something nice is going to happen to you in return. Perhaps everything that happens is a random act, and we get lucky (or unlucky) in what happens to us.

It’s horrible advice, because it’s no way to live. You trust your friends, you expect something (what a wonderful word that is … comes to the rescue of the average writer so frequently) from the people you love.

It’s also good advice, in a way. It means you’ll never be disappointed, because if you have zero expectations, the worst case scenario is that your expectations are met. Anything above that means your expectations have been exceeded.

But whatever kind of advice it is, it begs a question.

If I have no expectations from the world, then should the world have any expectations from me? If the world owes me nothing, then what do I owe the world? Why should I bother about anything? What difference will I make? More pertinently, what difference should I make?

I know this is a very cynical way of looking at things, and my intention with this post is in no way to encourage apathy and inaction. The world changes only because people care, and consequently, some of them act. Maybe, then, the only way to live is to expect. Yes, there will be the occasional disappointment, but c’est la vie.


Random Crappy Post

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Been a while since I’ve listened to this song. The echoes of what I think is the guitar against a seemingly hollow vacuum. It reminds me of night, those nights. The details are hazy, like a lot of things from that time. We forget the details of our past and remember only some parts of it, those embellished by nostalgia.

I can’t even write properly. Feels like thoughts are incomplete in my head. Like these orphan sentences shouldn’t have been born at all.

I feel like this strange music is like a death-knell.


“Blue” (APC)


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Does music enhance emotions or create them? I’ve had it do both at one time or another, but I don’t know have a definite answer to that question.

That being said, what I’ve experienced very frequently is that music greatly enhances the mood I’m in, especially when that mood is joyous (for lack of a better word) and the music is uplifting and pacy.

< Abruptly ending post because I lost my train of thought 🙁 >

Is Life Worth Living?

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As human beings, I believe we are programmed to exist, to survive against whatever life throws at us.

I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday about the magic of music, and how I try not to judge others’ taste in music because I’ve seen others take as much enjoyment out of music I dislike as I do out of music I love. So who am I to judge, eh?

At some point, I think I made the hyperbolic statement, “I can’t live without music.”

Obviously, this is not literally true. Like I said, I believe human beings are programmed to survive. Heck, forget music. People have learnt to live without without far more important things in life — limbs, food, water … common sense, even. So, yes, you can (or rather, I can) live without music and without a lot of things.

But I suppose the question I’d ask is … would you want to?

What is it in life, losing which would make you wonder whether it’s worth being alive? I argue that for some musicians, whose life is their music, being unable to hear music or make music might give them cause to give up on life. I argue that for some sportspeople, retirement from the sport that was their life causes them to lose their sanity (I remember reading about footballers who, after retirement, took up a life of booze and drugs and died early and alone). And so, I suppose, to each his own.

As for me, I’m listening to old Offspring albums after a very long time, and I’m in love again.

The Wind of Change.

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Dim the lights, let the soft glow of the corner lamp cast its addictive spell on me. Let the last song play, tired and sleepy from the speakers that look at us with no judgments.

Here I am, like I’ve been all this while, drifting, following the wind, listening to the words someone whispered a long time back that echo every now and then. They lose all meaning, until all that remains is the barest timbre of a voice.

Time drips like water from a leaky faucet. I can hear it every now and then, turning the pages of the calendar, turning the hands of the clock, making noise once in a while as if to clear its throat and announce its omnipresence.

The lamp begins to flicker, the music turns slowly into white noise, and darkness comes with its loving embrace.

There I was, where I’ve been all this while; goodbye, old friend, and thank you for your love. Until we meet again, I will ride the crest of the wind of change.

The Anchor

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I find myself caught between hating the anchor for keeping me from flying, and loving it for keeping me grounded and secure.