The sun is shining for the first time in days,
The rain clouds have gathered and rolled away,
The birds have come out again to play...
...Something new will happen today

As I walk along my daily path,
I see you standing, fresh from a bath,
I can see your face from a mile away
And can hear every whispered word you say.

Your jet-black hair with a hint of gleam
Your pretty eyes with smile serene
Are the prettiest I have ever seen
Or am I just walking in my dream?

All the hearts around me flew to you
And every boy was craving for you
And as you turned away from each bloke
I heard their hearts as they shattered and broke

I hold mine close, I hold mine dear
It's been broken too many times, I fear
And before it frees itself from my grip
I have to run away from your midst.

But whither can I run? Whither can I fly?
For every dark alley is brightened by your smile
I kneel down and pray for the sake of my heart
"Help me, Lord, she is the Devil's art"

I'm fighting to keep you out of my head
But when I fought my heart, it bled
Oh, I cannot take this anymore!
You've won the battle, my heart is yours

The threatening clouds are back in the sky
They shine in the tear that falls from my eye
A question unanswered, will you answer true?
"Will you ever want me as much as I want you?"




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