Posted on 04 Jun 2010 under Site Designing

Myspace. If you know anything about web-design, at all, then that word would strike fear into your heart the way being caught with a Britney Spears CD would strike fear into the heart of a self-professed fan of “real” or “good” music. Basically, Myspace was probably among the first ever social networking sites, which allowed […]

Coming Soon: A New

Posted on 27 Feb 2010 under Site Designing

Back when I was still doing engineering, I had plenty of time to devote to the design and upkeep of this site. It was one of the things I enjoyed a lot, designing and customizing themes to suit me to the dot. After starting MBA, obviously I haven’t had the time to do any of […]


Posted on 23 Feb 2010 under Life, Random, Site Designing

On random play (as usual), my media player put on Pearl Jam’s “Garden“. Before I describe what it made me feel, let me describe how the day has progressed so far. I woke up late today, because after about a week of an extremely tight schedule, we finally have a couple of light days, today […]

For the Sake of Blogging

Posted on 13 Dec 2009 under Rants, Site Designing

At one point of time, I used to have Google Adsense ads on my blog. I kept them until I got to my $100 payout and then I took them off. Why? Ads were not always pretty. Depending on the content, unwanted ads could pop-up. I used to log on every day to my Adsense […]

Irony (2)

Posted on 09 Aug 2008 under Random, Site Designing

I was replying to a thread on a website just a short while ago. Some dude started a blog and wanted to know how to promote it. He apparently writes one post a week and started the blog pretty recently. I gave him the following advice: Blog more often…twice or thrice a week. Find blogs […]

What I Have Been Busy With (and Some Real Blogging)

Posted on 25 Aug 2007 under Journal/Life Updates, Site Designing

Only 1 post in this August! WOAH! I know I blog too less, but that’s way too less. So, what have I been up to? 2 things, mostly… The new design for : Yes, it’s coming! Just like I promised! (I did promise, I hope?) . It’s a simple, clean, blue and grey design. […]

Look who’s linking back

Posted on 13 Apr 2007 under Humour, Site Designing

After releasing the Bluespot theme, I haven’t really done much to see how many people have downloaded it, and how many people are using it. The most I do is to look into the WP Dashboard area which tells me new incoming links based on Technorati. And today, look what site(s) I found linking back […]

Releasing Theme : BlueSpot

Posted on 11 Mar 2007 under Site Designing

Recently, someone emailed me to let me know that they’re interested in using my theme. So I’ve just spent the last couple of hours removing my modifications from the theme and packaging it. It’s the theme you’re looking at right now, unless you’re reading this posts months after it was posted. Just to make sure, […]


Posted on 13 Feb 2007 under Site Designing

So I’ve finally upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.1 …I’ve been meaning to do it for quite some time, but was hesitating because loads of themes and plugins are not compatible with 2.1 due to all the big changes they made in the code. But as you can see, everything’s working just fine… I’ve not […]


Posted on 12 Dec 2006 under Site Designing

Hello again, boys, girls and other random creatures that read my blog ( 😛 ). I’ve got more exciting news for you! I’ve installed (yet more) new plugins! You’ll notice them when you leave comments. Enjoy the smileys. I took quite some time to import the Yahoo Smileys into this plugin, and it took a […]