Nine Hundred and Ninety-two

Posted on 19 May 2011 under Random, Rants, XLRI

Warning: This post contains a generous helping of ramble. 992. I clicked on my name on Facebook and looked at the left side of the webpage. 992 ‘friends’. Just 8 away from 1,000. One thousand friends… Holy crap! I have a lot of friends who have more than a thousand friends on facebook. But seriously…think […]

The Beautiful Game and some Shameful Actions

Posted on 28 Apr 2011 under Rants

Appearances and impression management can take you a long way in life. Be seen as someone pleasant and nice, and people will flock to you, even if you aren’t. Be seen as intelligent, hard-working and sincere even if you’re only pretending, and you will get a lot of (possibly undue) credit. But it’s really sad […]

Sikh vs Punjabi

Posted on 24 Dec 2010 under Rants, XLRI

I normally tend to stay away from “controversial” subjects like religion on my blog, but I reckon this post has been coming for some time now. I just had a very entertaining (let’s put it that way) “conversation” with a batch-mate here at XLRI who was adamant that all Sikhs are Punjabis and vice versa. […]

For the Sake of Blogging

Posted on 13 Dec 2009 under Rants, Site Designing

At one point of time, I used to have Google Adsense ads on my blog. I kept them until I got to my $100 payout and then I took them off. Why? Ads were not always pretty. Depending on the content, unwanted ads could pop-up. I used to log on every day to my Adsense […]

Dear Australian Cricketers,

Posted on 03 Feb 2008 under Rants

You deserved it. All of it. For too long now, we’ve read about Australian sledging and saying unnaceptable phrases and getting away with it. Glen McGrath’s exchange with Sarwan is probably one of the worst sledging exchanges in the history of cricket. I say “probably” because I’m basing this on a few lists of the […]

Go Back To Sleep…

Posted on 08 Oct 2006 under Journal/Life Updates, Rants

Of the songs I’ve been listening to of late, I think this particular phrase sticks out a bit. It’s from the song “Pet” by A Perfect Circle. It’s also in the songs “Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums”, as well as “Lullaby”… the former is a sort of souped-up remake […]

Advertising Blues

Posted on 30 Apr 2006 under Rants

I’ve been meaning to write a post about this for quite some time. I think about it every time I see these ads on TV, which leads to thoughts about the lack of creativity in the film industry. So, right into it then… Let’s begin with some “mindblasting”… what in the world were the admakers […]


Posted on 23 Apr 2006 under GNEC, Rants

My college (Guru Nanak Engineering College) also offers a degree in MBA (Master of Business Administration). First of all, let’s see what wikipedia has to say about the MBA degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master’s degree in business administration. Originally designed to provide engineers with management skills, today’s MBA draws applicants from a […]