Posted on 18 May 2015 under Life

In the next couple of weeks, I’m shifting houses. I’ll be moving from a fully furnished (and rather well done) flat into a sparsely furnished one in which I’ll have to buy some furniture and white and brown goods of my own. I’m living a little in that anticipation of moving into a new house, […]

Nostalgia … Sort of

Posted on 21 Aug 2012 under Life

This moment, the here and now … it’s overrated sometimes. Because we’ve all become too cynical. We’ve all come to accept that our reality, our lives are everything we touch and see. Everything that’s happening now. The future, which we once thought was our inheritance, has deceived us. The future is fucked up, and hope […]

Bucket List

Posted on 19 Jan 2012 under Life

I was having a conversation with my roommate the other day, and I told him about one more thing I had done that I could cross off my list of things to do before I die. I then mockingly lamented that I’m running out of things, and I have nothing to look forward to living […]

Falling in Love

Posted on 25 Apr 2011 under Life

Recently, my trusted companions, the love of my life, my earphones … stopped working. Having faithfully served me for … I don’t remember how long (but more than 2 years for sure), the left earphone stopped working a few days back. I spent some time going through eBay and trying to see if I could […]

Toasting the Brave

Posted on 23 Mar 2011 under Life, XLRI

Applaud the brave, because very few people have the courage to write what they want without thinking about the consequences. “Political correctness be damned in favour of direct dil se” seems to be the motto of a few people I know. They wear their hearts on their folded sleeves, collar buttons undone behind the tie […]


Posted on 28 Nov 2010 under Life, XLRI

I’ve got end-term exams from tomorrow. I’ve barely studied, but these are subjects for which you can barely study at the last minute. I am feeling fairly confident about having paid enough attention in class and about having got a good enough idea about the subjects. That, after all, is what education is all about, […]

Quick Advice

Posted on 14 Nov 2010 under Life, Random

I’ve written time and again that life’s a female dog (hey, being politically correct never got anyone in trouble!). But every now and then, life bowls you a googly (it’s the cricket equivalent of a baseball curveball, I guess), such that life does not suck. It’s completely unexpected, especially if you’re half as cynical as […]


Posted on 09 Nov 2010 under Life, XLRI

In B-school life, you will frequently find yourself inundated by work. In fact, there will be pockets when there will be so much work that you will spend an entire day doing nothing but the stuff that you’re supposed to (as opposed to “normal” days when you somehow make time to play games, read books, […]

Rodent Rant (Again)

Posted on 03 Oct 2010 under Life

The. Rat. Race. I’ve been trying to avoid these 3 words in my posts of late. It’s become a fashion statement now to throw these 3 words into any phrase, into any piece of writing about the ills of the corporate world. It’s like a really bad, really sad, overused cliché. Take anything and blame […]

My Kingdom for Sleep

Posted on 07 Aug 2010 under Life

This is what happens to you when you haven’t been getting enough sleep: You wake up feeling tired, you go through the whole day feeling tired, you go to bed feeling tired. It takes all the strength in your body to sit up in bed when you wake up in the morning. And when you […]