Pah, Religion!

Posted on 01 May 2015 under Journal/Life Updates

The United States has a Commission for International Religious Freedom. A quick Wikipedia search says: It is rooted in the U.S. Evangelical movement and its original intention was to protect Christians around the world. That line alone should raise suspicion that the name is a misnomer. Might be better if it was called “Commission for pushing […]

In Celebration of Insignificance (Losers Unite!)

Posted on 04 Feb 2015 under Journal/Life Updates

Hey you, Captain Ignoramus. Why aren’t you happy? Don’t you know you exist? Don’t you know you’re here, and that’s all you’ll ever have? All you’ll ever be is a bag of skin and bones and muscles and connecting tissue. A century later, all that’ll remain of you is your memory, perhaps a book or […]


Posted on 21 Dec 2014 under Journal/Life Updates

T.V. is enough It is providing artificial friends And relatives for lonely people What it is, is recurrent families The same friends and relatives come back Week after week after week after week And they’re wittier and they’re better looking And they’re much more interesting and they’re richer Than your real friends and relatives – […]

My Own Prison

Posted on 23 Oct 2014 under Journal/Life Updates

Yesterday, I left office at around 1730 … much, much earlier than I normally do. In fact, I don’t recall when I left office before dark. It felt odd. I would love to say that it felt great to be out early, that it felt like a fun, little reward, but it didn’t, really. All […]

Don’t know where I’m going, I just keep on rowing…

Posted on 01 Sep 2014 under Journal/Life Updates

Hey, you there! Stop struggling. Stop rowing for a minute. Let the river take you where it will. Why don’t you pull your oars up, son, rest for a while? Stop wondering whether you’ve got your bearings right, stop thinking about the direction you’re headed in. Everything ultimately ends up at the same place. At […]


Posted on 20 Apr 2014 under Journal/Life Updates

I read somewhere that opinions are like arseholes — everyone has one. Some of my friends have strong opinions. On everything. Most of the times, I think such people don’t just have arseholes, but they are arseholes. I myself am rather moderate. I live and let live. I have my strong opinions, which I keep […]

I’m not even going to bother with a title…

Posted on 20 Mar 2014 under Journal/Life Updates

Does anyone else think Marilyn Manson is quite a bit like Nine Inch Nails. Granted I’ve only heard a couple of albums of either band, I think there seem to be a lot of similarities. I know didley-squat about genres, so I won’t even attempt to go there. But they sound quite similar to me. […]

Random Thoughts (on songs and stuff)

Posted on 24 Oct 2013 under Journal/Life Updates

This is one of those rare posts for which I decided the title before finishing the post itself. Actually, wait, that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes, I think of the title before I finish the post. Those are normally posts that are inspired by the title. So, as the title says, this is a post about […]


Posted on 11 Sep 2013 under Journal/Life Updates

Recently, a friend made me listen to some new music by the Arctic Monkeys. I heard a couple of songs, and then the whole album. My first two reactions were: This is pretty decent, not bad at all. This isn’t the Arctic Monkeys … what happened to the balls-out punk? This more like mellow, melodic […]


Posted on 25 Aug 2013 under Journal/Life Updates

You know how sometimes a movie gets described as “stupid fun”? The kind of movie for which a critic once wrote “leave your brains at home when you go watch this”, and that’s become everyone’s favourite way to describe typical masala-pop movies? Well, I don’t particularly enjoy those kind of movies (surprise!), but I’ve come […]