How to Get Stuff Done at XLRI.

Posted on 19 Sep 2009 under Humour, XLRI

Project submissions are a part of life in XLRI. Actually, it’s not only projects…there are submissions for assignments and personal learning papers too. And it’s quite hectic, because there are submissions every few days. It can get maddening, and initially, it can be quite intimidating. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled the definitive guide to completing […]

Modern Myths

Posted on 06 Jul 2008 under Humour, Life, Random

Modern myths are quite amusing really. The things people say to cover their asses. The problem is that people perceive too much, and sometimes, they just expect too much, perhaps from themselves or perhaps from others around them. A lot of times, we let others expect a lot from us, and instead of living up […]

Hathway Internet Services

Posted on 22 Apr 2008 under Humour, Journal/Life Updates

Starting Thursday morning, my internet had not been working for around five days, right up to yesterday. I called up Hathway Internet’s customer care center that evening to complain. I was told that it’s a signalling problem and that it’s likely to be sorted out within about three hours. Of course! That’s exactly why they […]

Another Toast to Social Networking Websites

Posted on 03 Mar 2008 under Humour

I’ve despised social networking sites for quite some time now… come to think of it, I’ve despised society for quite some time now, but before I go off on a tangential rant about that, let me restrict myself to ONLINE societies. Dear facebookers, orkutters and just about anybody else who is sad enough to wear […]

I’m in a generous mood, so…

Posted on 13 Jan 2008 under Humour

My last post was published on Dec 21. If I waited another 8 days, an entire month would have gone without my having blogged. I was seriously considering doing that, but since I’m in a generous mood right now, I hereby offer you a post to enjoy, and allow you to bask in the glory […]


Posted on 05 Dec 2007 under Humour, Random

So I went looking for the dictionary meaning of the word numbskull. Guess what? It doesn’t exist. Apparently, it’s a variant of the word numskull which means a dull-witted or stupid person; dolt.… DAMN! This post was supposed to be about the word “numb-skull”. I was going to contemplate on how the word could possibly […]

Random Blog Update

Posted on 20 Oct 2007 under Humour, Journal/Life Updates

Thanks to Yunheng, who’s been pestering me to “update blog” every time I log into MSN Messenger, here I am with another blog update (run for cover, he’s back!). I’m going to write about 2 things today (what is my fixation with that number? I always have 2 points to make, or 2 questions to […]

On Orkut

Posted on 30 Aug 2007 under Essays, Humour

Orkut changed their colour today! And, the new colour is… ((hold your breath))… BORING WHITE*!… Well, at least the layout now looks much neater, organized and fresh**. This leaves me wondering (ok, seriously, no it doesn’t, but “leaves me wondering” is a nice phrase to use) whether the change in the look is going to […]

Of Exams, Predictions and Free Online Space

Posted on 28 Apr 2007 under GNEC, Humour, Journal/Life Updates

So, exams start day after tomorrow. YAY! (Sarcastic “yay” in case you’re wondering). This time, I’d better do better than last time. I’m hoping to get >85%, but realistically aiming for 82+. Since most of you don’t know any of my subjects (and consequently, my talking about them would probably be a waste), here’s a […]

Look who’s linking back

Posted on 13 Apr 2007 under Humour, Site Designing

After releasing the Bluespot theme, I haven’t really done much to see how many people have downloaded it, and how many people are using it. The most I do is to look into the WP Dashboard area which tells me new incoming links based on Technorati. And today, look what site(s) I found linking back […]