Who am I?

Someone… no seriously, I am… OK anyway, I hate writing these “About Me” type of things. You’ll probably figure me out better if you read the blog entries and leaving comments to which I’ll reply. I read all comments (I sometimes even read the comments that end up in Akismet spam before hitting “Delete all”, just to make sure;)) and reply to most.

You can contact me at blog[at]gurdit[dot]com for anything and everything related to this blog, ranging from information to link exchanges.


This blog (this entire site, actually) is hosted for free at Frihost. They offer a fantastic standard free hosting plan, and their forums are fantastic. (But don’t believe me… I’m on the staff there ;)). If you’re looking for a good free host, I think you ought to stop looking any further.


All entries on this blog are based on my personal opinions (and generally those of my 15 other split personalities… 2 of my other split personalities have refused to have anything to do with this blog), and not of Frihost or anyone else associated with it (unless otherwise stated). The blog may or may not involve real characters, situations and places, since it’s a blog and it’s obviously going to revolve around me and the people/situations/places in my life. Deal with it.

©me. Copying anything off this site will…. probably not harm you in any way, since I won’t be suing you… but you will feel guilty for the rest of your life, and will have to deal with it yourself. 😀