Filling Up The Silence

Posted on 15 Aug 2017 under Journal/Life Updates

Recommended background music: Sun Araw – “Horse Steppin”

Most times, solitude is a blessing. I am a man in love with my own company, and would gladly enjoy it for extended stretches. Consequently, I am comfortable with long silences and with the only conversation being with the voices in my head.

But I do love music. I love it because it doesn’t merely fill up silences, but also because it has the power to demand your attention, to make conversation insignificant and unwanted, to put your thoughts on hold and just exist in this experience of sonic waves. It’s why I’ve always been more attracted to music than to songs, why I remember Hammett and Hetfield’s riffs, and not their lyrics, why some of my favourite music is instrumental. I’m drawn to the twinge of a guitar note, or to the harmony between two instruments playing with each other in perfect rhythm (or imperfect, to make it more interesting).

But every now and then, music does serve another purpose. To fill up the silence. Even if it’s an eleven minute track of repetition with vague instruments. Even in its utter simplicity, the least that any good music offers me is rhythm, a metronomic pattern is calming and feels like it brings order to life.


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