Posted on 04 Aug 2017 under Random

The other day, I offered my card to pay for a colleague’s farewell party, for a group of ~30 people. By policy, we’re allowed to reimburse the food expenses, but not alcohol (kind of makes sense, I suppose … should your organization sponsor your getting drunk? Maybe once in a while? I don’t know … that’s for another post, perhaps). This means I gotta collect the drinks expenses from colleagues.

Which, you can imagine, is not a joyride, particularly for someone like me who doesn’t like asking people for the money they owe me. So, someone said “Your own fault! Why did you have to offer up your card like you’ve got a lot of money?”

Similarly, I trusted someone (a close friend) with some confidential information that they unfortunately revealed without realizing the implications.

Again, I was told it’s my fault for trusting them.


I don’t get it. In both cases, how am I at fault? In the former, I made it easier for people by paying at the bar. If anything, I should be thanked! In the latter, I trusted a friend, who made a mistake.

Tell me again why I shouldn’t be cynical about the world.


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