Posted on 27 Jan 2017 under Journal/Life Updates

Quite some time back, I was told (or I read somewhere) that the best way to live your life is to have no expectations from life. Because the world owes you nothing. You did something nice for someone? Good for you, but that doesn’t mean something nice is going to happen to you in return. Perhaps everything that happens is a random act, and we get lucky (or unlucky) in what happens to us.

It’s horrible advice, because it’s no way to live. You trust your friends, you expect something (what a wonderful word that is … comes to the rescue of the average writer so frequently) from the people you love.

It’s also good advice, in a way. It means you’ll never be disappointed, because if you have zero expectations, the worst case scenario is that your expectations are met. Anything above that means your expectations have been exceeded.

But whatever kind of advice it is, it begs a question.

If I have no expectations from the world, then should the world have any expectations from me? If the world owes me nothing, then what do I owe the world? Why should I bother about anything? What difference will I make? More pertinently, what difference should I make?

I know this is a very cynical way of looking at things, and my intention with this post is in no way to encourage apathy and inaction. The world changes only because people care, and consequently, some of them act. Maybe, then, the only way to live is to expect. Yes, there will be the occasional disappointment, but c’est la vie.


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