Is Life Worth Living?

Posted on 21 Oct 2016 under Journal/Life Updates

As human beings, I believe we are programmed to exist, to survive against whatever life throws at us.

I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday about the magic of music, and how I try not to judge others’ taste in music because I’ve seen others take as much enjoyment out of music I dislike as I do out of music I love. So who am I to judge, eh?

At some point, I think I made the hyperbolic statement, “I can’t live without music.”

Obviously, this is not literally true. Like I said, I believe human beings are programmed to survive. Heck, forget music. People have learnt to live without without far more important things in life — limbs, food, water … common sense, even. So, yes, you can (or rather, I can) live without music and without a lot of things.

But I suppose the question I’d ask is … would you want to?

What is it in life, losing which would make you wonder whether it’s worth being alive? I argue that for some musicians, whose life is their music, being unable to hear music or make music might give them cause to give up on life. I argue that for some sportspeople, retirement from the sport that was their life causes them to lose their sanity (I remember reading about footballers who, after retirement, took up a life of booze and drugs and died early and alone). And so, I suppose, to each his own.

As for me, I’m listening to old Offspring albums after a very long time, and I’m in love again.

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