The Wind of Change.

Posted on 06 Oct 2016 under Random

Dim the lights, let the soft glow of the corner lamp cast its addictive spell on me. Let the last song play, tired and sleepy from the speakers that look at us with no judgments.

Here I am, like I’ve been all this while, drifting, following the wind, listening to the words someone whispered a long time back that echo every now and then. They lose all meaning, until all that remains is the barest timbre of a voice.

Time drips like water from a leaky faucet. I can hear it every now and then, turning the pages of the calendar, turning the hands of the clock, making noise once in a while as if to clear its throat and announce its omnipresence.

The lamp begins to flicker, the music turns slowly into white noise, and darkness comes with its loving embrace.

There I was, where I’ve been all this while; goodbye, old friend, and thank you for your love. Until we meet again, I will ride the crest of the wind of change.

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