The Gamer

Posted on 23 May 2016 under Random

I’ve lived many lives,
Many times I’ve lived, loved, and died
And been reborn
Many places I’ve called home –
Masyaf, Persia, Rapture … Los Santos
I’ve killed and been killed
I’ve made mistakes, and learnt
I’ve grown
I’ve been a legend and a legend killer
A killer of gods, a god myself
I’ve raised entire civilizations,
And razed many others…

The life of a gamer is never linear; we don’t go from Point A to Point B. We journey, criss-crossing across time periods and generations, wielding weapons and woe with equal ease. We have many lovers, all of whom are the loves of our lives. We’ve crawled to the depths of despair, and climbed the peaks of redemption.

And for ever, may it be so.


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