The Late Night

Posted on 22 Mar 2016 under Random

It’s late enough at night to be considered early the next morning. The world is largely asleep, the city glowing softly in the moonlight. I stand at the window, tiredness pouring out of me, staring into the distance. It’s a lie, though, isn’t it, what I said earlier? Because clichéd as it may sound, the city […]

All The Right Reasons

Posted on 18 Mar 2016 under Life

I may be no more than a third of my life through, but there are certain things I am fairly confident about. I may not be likely to do anything that will change the world or invent something that makes everyone’s lives happier and more peaceful. I may not be able to do something that […]


Posted on 14 Mar 2016 under Journal/Life Updates

I use various shades of grey and black to paint my picture, only now and then using some other colours because I’m not sure I’m using them right. So you see, I’m eternally grateful for all you others, who take it upon themselves to add a splash of colour every now and then, sometimes without […]