On Bajirao Mastani

Posted on 17 Jan 2016 under Essays

The more I read professional movie reviews (is there such a thing?), the more I realize how under-qualified I am to critique movies. Nevertheless, because any fool with an internet connection can create a blog nowadays, here are a few thoughts on Bajirao Mastani: This film won the Filmfare Award for best picture? REALLY? This was […]

Movie Review: Wazir

Posted on 09 Jan 2016 under Essays

There is no doubt that Amitabh Bachchan is a fine actor. In particular, I’ll remember this one scene in which his character in Wazir teaches a kid how to deliver a particular line. It was a 5-second masterclass. But there’s only so much a fine actor can do in the hands of a mediocre director in a […]