Posted on 08 Dec 2015 under Random

I can feel the cold seeping in through the gap under the front door, twisting in through the gaps between the french windows in the living room. The tips of my fingers start to wrinkle, I wish my feet were in socks.

Outside, the night is black as carbon and quiet as an easy conscience. I let my mind’s eye wander and imagine weird colours while my thoughts run wild.

There’s no noise inside the house either, the dark screen of the television dimly reflecting the few lights I’ve bothered to switch on.

Today’s been a trying day, tomorrow will be longer still. I want to forget about work and think about a million other things I’d rather be doing — reading a book and sipping something warm, lying down on my bed and listening to music, curl up inside a blanket and day-dream, some or all of the above.

All of the above … none of which requires anyone else.

Only me.

The cold makes me wish there was someone here I could hug to keep myself warm.

Like you.


7 Responses to “Winter”

  1. I loved the piece of writing and its simplicity and because it is from you possibly. I also want to let you know about a missing word….see if you can spot where. lol

  2. Anita >> I found more than one missing word, an extra comma and few other small corrections! 😛

  3. I didn’t say I was perfect, but wait, this is about you!

  4. Aye, but you are perfect, aren’t you? 😉

  5. Beautifully written !! Enjoyed reading !!

  6. This is great, it honestly is. The rawness of it; the solemnness, and the sense of belonging that comes out is all remarkably well-suited to the winter theme. It is a debate we all tend to have with ourselves at point; do we brave the waters and face the beasts, or hide like the cowards the world claims that we are? Do we live up to our own expectations? That is the relatable theme I pull out of this. Good Job. Keep Writing.

  7. Thanks, Alex 🙂