The Golden Rule of Watching Movies on TV

Posted on 30 Oct 2015 under Random

I was passing time last night before going to bed, and Shawshank Redemption was on MN+. It has some really good movies, that channel. Over the last few days, they’ve been showing The Green Mile a fair few times as well.

Of course, I’ve watched Shawshank Redemption multiple times (who hasn’t?), so I remember most of it quite well. And that’s when I realized the golden rule of watching movies on TV. There’s only one. Here it is:


Just don’t. Don’t watch movies on TV. It’s not the ads or the quality of the video or audio (although on too many channels, the latter is horrendously bad). What really, really makes it impossible to enjoy movies on TV is the amount of censorship and snipping of scenes.

I don’t know if it’s because we’ve become a country of intolerant assholes and the channels just want to play safe, or if the latter have a hyperactive sense of responsibility for what kids can access on TV, but it’s painful when you KNOW there’s a really good, strong scene coming up without which the intensity of the movie is questionable, and you’ll all hyped up for it, but then suddenly, the frame shifts to what happens after. It’s KLPD.

Watching movies on TV is horrible.


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