Posted on 08 Oct 2015 under Asides

With all that’s been happening in the country lately, I begin to wonder at that old adage we were taught about India in primary school – “Unity in Diversity”.

There’s an article doing the rounds in the news today that Javed Akhtar has made a statement saying that “Incidents of intolerance are not expected in our country”, and yet, the recent past says otherwise. I, for one, was genuinely not surprised when the following occurred:

  • People lambasted All India Bakchod over their roast (the same people who had, a few before, supported #JESUISCHARLIE and #FREEDOMOFSPEECH101, ironically).
  • The ban on beef was implemented strictly and supported by a lot of regional political parties (in the name of prevention of animal cruelty). Yet, these same political parties publicly sold and distributed meat in Jain-populated areas during their festival.
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  • A brilliant musician was prevented from performing in India because he was born in Pakistan — a show he was performing at to celebrate one of India’s finest musicians.

These are just 3 things that spring to mind, but it makes me wonder whether we, as a country, have flourished because of our diversity, or in spite of it?


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