The Song Remains the Same

Posted on 11 Sep 2015 under Random

Disclaimer: This is a fairly pointless post. Also, it unfortunately has nothing to do with the Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

The other day, I was driving somewhere and something odd happened. I have a list of songs that are special to me. These are slow, relaxing songs that I’ve put together in an incredibly creatively names folder on my pen drive called “Calm Music, etc.” (yes, I know). As the name suggests, this is a good playlist to listen to when you’re stuck in traffic or you’ve had an annoying day.

In fact, some of the tracks in this folder are simply brilliant for night driving, when you want to think about the patterns of the universe and the stars and how insignificant you are. Music doesn’t always change my mood (generally, the music changes according to mood in my case), but some of these tracks do. “Butcher Blues” by Kasabian is one such song. It’s got a rather simple bass riff (that I love) and the whole song revolves around it.

Music can sometimes feel like it’s getting you drunk, when you want to close your eyes and forget about everything else. That used to happen very frequently when I listened to “Butcher Blues” (ok, seriously the song has nothing to do with butchery of any kind, honest!). A few days ago, though, nothing. It was just another song playing in the background, unable to command my attention like it used to.

This makes me sad. Obviously, the song remains the same, but something’s changed in me, I guess. And I miss the part of me that loved this song to bits. <Sigh>


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