Various (Really) Random Things

Posted on 04 Sep 2015 under Random

I couldn’t think of a proper topic to write about this week. The muse has been absent all week long, too. So, here’s a list of random things that I’ve been meaning to write about, but haven’t been able to flesh out into independent blog posts that could stand on their own.

  • The Logical Indian page on Facebook has become a living, breathing parody of what it once was. Where I used to look forward to their posts which made a lot of sense, I now cringe at their basic grammatical mistakes, at the very apparent lack of research, and at the fact that their point of view now generally just seems to be anti-outrage at the things that the world wrongly outrages about. They’ve got an annoying “holier than thou” attitude. And it annoys me. Because obviously, no one’s holier than me.
  • Just what in the name of Jesus Bleedin’ Christ have Manchester United done in the transfer window? 57 Million Pounds for a teenager who’s got 11 goals from 57 appearances. And the goalkeeper situation just makes me want to scream. We now have an unsettled player who will definitely leave for free at the end of the season, who has been more or less alienated from the egomaniac manager.
  • Music is awesome. This is worth repeating ad infinitum.
  • Is it wrong or is it right that I couldn’t care less about the whole Indrani Mukherjee case, and that I haven’t bothered to follow it because the media coverage makes me grind my teeth in annoyance?
  • A little bit of alcohol makes most people nicer to each other. Alcohol should be a mandatory part of breakfast. The world will be a happier place.
  • Damn, I just realised I made another post with a list in this. Is this a listicle? No, right? No, it’s not. Thanks for the affirmation.
  • “Affirmation” was a pretty good Savage Garden song. Ok now I’ve just completely lost the thread of this post and I’ve descended into absolute randomness.
  • Speaking of which, you wanna know how I got these scars?


4 Responses to “Various (Really) Random Things”

  1. yes, tell me, how did you get those scars?? 😛
    yes, Affirmation was a good song
    yes, alcohol for breakfast! Cheers to that!

  2. It’s not a scar, it’s a birthmark! And it’s on my butt, how did you even see it???!

  3. On the Logical Indians page, in addition to being sanctimonious pricks they are also shameless plagiarists. Several articles picked up from various publications – I know this because the editor of Midday outraged on twitter. They try to pass it off with a “via Midday” in small print but they don’t actually pay royalty for usage of content. Which is my big issue with content aggregation websites in general.

  4. I think we can make a pretty big list of everything wrong with it, to be honest. They do plagiarise.

    Additionally, they write really, REALLY crappy fiction stories, the ones on which they maintain a certain amount of ambiguity to make it look like those are real stories. And they use them to generate even more outrage, yay!