6 Reasons to Watch ‘Masaan’

Posted on 01 Aug 2015 under Essays

Masaan is a wonderful experience. It’s saddening and infuriating and unapologetically communicates that sometimes the bad guys get away and life is unfair, but that’s what’s wonderful about it – that it portrays all of this beautifully, with some powerful acting thrown in. Instead of a standard review, here are 6 reasons why you should watch this movie:

  1. Because Sanjay Mishra is one of the finest actors I’ve ever seen, and for anyone who appreciates good acting to give this one a miss is a huge blunder.
  2. Because while it is expected for Sanjay Mishra to steal the show, the rest of the casting is stellar too. Richa Chadda’s performance lends the movie its intensity, while newbie Vicky Kaushal’s embarrassed half-smiles are what lend the much needed warmth to it.
  3. Because this is a movie that made me realise why it can be important to have art for art’s sake. There is no moral at the end of the story, there is no lesson to be learnt. All you get is a peep into the lives of a few people, and if you’re conscious of the fact that you’re watching a movie, that all of this has been scripted, you can marvel at how real it all looks and how effortlessly believable the acting is.
  4. Because Salman Khan dancing with a towel between his legs or Shah Rukh Khan stammering and blubbering with tears running down his face do not and will never make good cinema. It’s a pity that something executed this wonderfully gets a smaller audience than the other crap.
  5. Because Indian Ocean wrote and performed the songs!
  6. Because you might realize that in the nooks and corners of India, the small towns and the lives that those of us living in sprawling urban jungles do not interact with, lie poignant stories.

At the end, I draw comparisons between Masaan and Aankhon Dekhi, another movie that belonged to the peerless Sanjay Mishra. While the latter, especially due to that ending, made me feel that it’s a movie that indulges its writer / director, the former, with a sweet sort-of-happy ending, feels like it’s been made keeping its audience in mind. In the end, everything is not ok, but it feels like waking up to a glorious sunrise at the end of a night of tempestuous thunderstorms.

Rating: 9/10.

Addendum: I suck at reviewing movies, but unfortunately, I have nothing else to write about these days, apparently.


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  1. On my watch list after reading this “review” 🙂

  2. Awesome, I have power over you. 😛