Pah, Religion!

Posted on 01 May 2015 under Journal/Life Updates

The United States has a Commission for International Religious Freedom. A quick Wikipedia search says:

It is rooted in the U.S. Evangelical movement and its original intention was to protect Christians around the world.

That line alone should raise suspicion that the name is a misnomer. Might be better if it was called “Commission for pushing the American Christian Propaganda” or something. Anyway, they recently published a report that minorities in India suffer terribly, undergo forced conversions and face violent communalism. I offer two short thoughts / opinions:

  1. Well, yes, the BJP (and its regional allies) have come to power on the back of a Hindu nationalist sentiment. Mr Modi’s got probably the best PR team in Indian politics, and we’re all riding a wave of optimism, but he’s clearly not done enough to silence the wackos that partner BJP (the Sadhvi and the Maharaj). And let’s not even pretend the ban on beef in Maharashtra has anything but thinly disguised religious motives. Nothing new. India’s always been a country sensitive to religious fervour. We’ve been divided and ruled on religion and caste, first by the foreigners and then by our elected representatives. We deserve nothing better.
  2. It’s a tad hypocritical of a country with documented and widely acknowledged racial issues to be commenting on the religious freedoms of another country, is it not? This is a country that propagates its own religious stance in third world African countries in the name of charitable aid (a John Oliver episode comes to mind).

And that’s all. I leave to you to decide what you think.

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