In Celebration of Insignificance (Losers Unite!)

Posted on 04 Feb 2015 under Journal/Life Updates

Hey you, Captain Ignoramus. Why aren’t you happy? Don’t you know you exist? Don’t you know you’re here, and that’s all you’ll ever have? All you’ll ever be is a bag of skin and bones and muscles and connecting tissue. A century later, all that’ll remain of you is your memory, perhaps a book or a blog that someone forgot to delete. You don’t matter, and you never will, because there are seven billion other lives, all vying to be significant.

So stop. Stop trying to matter, stop trying to make yourself seem larger than life. In the end, your life belongs only to you, always has and always will be. You answer to no one, and you owe nothing to anyone. And isn’t that a fact worth celebrating? Stop listening to the naysayers who make a difference, because every leader needs followers, every agent of change needs an embracer. So why shame yourself? Why pressure yourself? Aren’t you happy being who you are?

And if you are, does anything else matter at all?

PS: Yes, you (I?) will be judged for this post. I don’t care.


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