The Parting (incomplete)

Posted on 29 Dec 2014 under Random

Two lovers stood at the end of their road, contemplating the journey they had completed. They looked beyond the horizon, at the setting sun lighting the sky in gold and purple hues.

Looked one into the eye of the other and mused:

Well, here we are, then, the melody’s fading out. At the end, we depart as we arrived – alone. All of what we’ve been through, and everything we’ve accomplished has been writ and documented, saved for a future reference to sigh upon. Before we met, all I was, was me; and all you were, were you. Together we were more than the sum of our parts, more than we hoped to accomplish, more than we envisaged.

Isn’t this how life is, in the end. From the moment we enter, crying, to the moment we depart, dying, all we are, and all we’ll be is alone. We break up, we make up, we fall in and out of love, we give up, we give in, we are together and alone, often at the same time. We teach each other new experiences, awaken a deeper intelligence, a more sensuous living … and in the end, we depart, alone, perhaps ruing over what could have been.

Smiled the other:

In the end, however, as we part, isn’t it all that matters that it was worth it?


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