Morning Calm

Posted on 09 Nov 2014 under Random

I love mornings. Give me an early morning any day, even if I have to give up on revelry the night before. There’s just something so calming, so alluring about waking up Sunday morning, drifting out into a quiet house, untouched yet by the warming rays of the sun. You take it all in: the peaceful solitude; the cool, airy, welcoming hall.

I’ve been sitting in the living room, reading in the morning light that filters through the partially drawn curtains. Someone helped me discover this beautiful, haunting genre of music (it’s called Deep House), which streams on the laptop through online radio.

Humanity is yet to fully awake from its slumber, for which I’m grateful. The sound of children playing, the noise of unwanted dnn-chk-dnn-chk music from that annoying neighbour, the grating buzz of the power drill a few floors above. None of them are present today. It’s just my book, my music and myself.



2 Responses to “Morning Calm”

  1. nice piece. thanks for sharing. It reminds me of my days when I used to catch 6.30 a.m bus to reach college by 7.30. I used to enjoy the cold breeze brushing my face which you can get only in that part of the day.

  2. Thanks, Aunty! 🙂
    I had almost the same experience during my engineering course too.