Posted on 20 Apr 2014 under Journal/Life Updates

I read somewhere that opinions are like arseholes — everyone has one.

Some of my friends have strong opinions. On everything. Most of the times, I think such people don’t just have arseholes, but they are arseholes. I myself am rather moderate. I live and let live. I have my strong opinions, which I keep mostly to myself except for a few occasions when I’m provoked to be aggressive or take a stand. I think I have it all figured out. I can’t understand why people are strongly opinionated about everything. Why can’t we accept others for what they love? I respect people who like the music I don’t. I get why some people like Britney Spears or … some other shitty kind of music that I don’t like. I mean, in my opinion, if it makes you feel good, if it’s something that adds value to your life, well, God bless you. Enjoy it.

But today, I got thinking. Some of my friends who are strongly opinionated on things … they’re not bad people, really. If they were, they wouldn’t be my friends (because I’m awesome and I’d cut them out of my life … duh!). But it makes me wonder.

Are they more passionate about the things they love than I am about the things I love? Do they fight more for what they consider more important in their life than I do for what I consider to be important in mine? Is their passion for these things a lot more than mine is for the things I’m passionate about?

Are they more absorbed, more into it, extracting more from the things they love than I am?


Should I be jealous? Should I be an opinionated arsehole?


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