Find Yourself

Posted on 28 Apr 2014 under Random

How many times have you heard or read about people who take time off from their busy lives to “find themselves”? Kids taking time off between graduation and first job. Adults taking sabbatical from work. People retiring early, from professional life and sometimes from social life as well, in order to be one with their […]


Posted on 20 Apr 2014 under Journal/Life Updates

I read somewhere that opinions are like arseholes — everyone has one. Some of my friends have strong opinions. On everything. Most of the times, I think such people don’t just have arseholes, but they are arseholes. I myself am rather moderate. I live and let live. I have my strong opinions, which I keep […]

The End

Posted on 18 Apr 2014 under Random

Quite a long time back, I read an article that claimed that the weight of a person’s body immediately before and after death reduces by about 10 grams. The romantics claim that this is the weight of a human soul. 10 grams. That means that essentially, we are nothing more than a bag of skin […]

Always Stand Out.

Posted on 12 Apr 2014 under Random

At night, before I sleep, I realise I’m one amongst a billion, a solitary thread that contributes to the fabric of life. It gives me warmth and comfort to know that I contribute somehow, however insignificant it may be. And that gives me a reason to be me. That because of my uniqueness, I add […]

Music vs. TV

Posted on 06 Apr 2014 under Random

This should come as no surprise, really, to anyone who knows me – I love music … SURPRISE! Anyway, the reason I’m writing this is because I was just watching the India – SL T20 World Cup Final (the tournament now occurs every 2 years so as to maximise revenue), and noticed how disgustingly commercialised […]