All Alone (on Eilean Shona)

Posted on 27 Mar 2013 under Asides

Sometimes when I listen to a fantastic piece of music, I wonder who I can share it with. I picture not only the perfect person to experience it with, but also the perfect situation and the perfect place. In a lot of cases, I’ve come to realise that it matters not who is with me, as long as it’s someone who can appreciate good music. But the ‘where’ is frequently the same…

How I wish I could find a safe, quiet, untouched piece of land where I could drive up and lie on the bonnet of my car, looking up at the stars, while the lights of the city twinkle gently in the distance. This would work irrespective of whether I have someone to share the moment or not, for solitude can be a powerful tool to experience what you love and discover things about you that you never dreamt about.

All Alone (on Eilean Shona) – 1 Giant Leap

2 Responses to “All Alone (on Eilean Shona)”

  1. Agree with every word in your post above Gurdit. Solitude is a state that permits one to heal, to introspect, to grow more familiar with themselves; the latter being a new experience everytime. Its funny how we want someone else to come unravel us, while we remain a mystery to ourselves. Thanks for this terrific, short yet impacting post; the song adds to the mood!

    On the other note, musical note, I do the exact same thing! Music makes one connect, irrespective of existing bonds. Enjoying having rediscovered your blog after a long time, thanks mate!!!

  2. pri » Thanks for commenting, it’s been a while since I’ve had a nice, positive comment. Thank you, and keep coming back!