What’s up? How’s Life?

Posted on 05 Dec 2009 under Journal/Life Updates

My sister has recently stopped accepting my standard “nm” (nothing much/not much) to her “wots up?” when we chat. She’s forced me into actually saying what really is up. If you really think about it, a lot of times, “What’s up?” is a lot more than an easy way to start a conversation with someone. When you can’t really figure out what specific thing to talk about, it’s a lot easier to say “What’s up?” and wait for the other person to come up with a topic that’s comfortable and interesting to them.

While on the topic, “How’s life?” can be a lot more loaded than it appears. I was chatting with someone today, and there were plenty of questions I wanted to ask her about life…how’s she coping with studies, how’s she coping with some other stuff. The problem is that I’d rather not ask these things right away, they can be a little sticky to talk about. So it becomes much easier to ask a simple “How’s life?” and hope that it comes up somehow, or that it becomes easier to read between the lines of how the person replies to that question.

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. Just something to think about when someone asks you what’s up, or how life is.

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