Countdowns begin

Posted on 16 Nov 2006 under GNEC, Journal/Life Updates

2 down, 4 to go… wrote my PTSP exam today. As feared, it was a tough paper and I didn’t do it as well as I would have liked. I think I should be able to pass comfortably, but that wasn’t the objective for these exams for me. I wanted to do well enough to improve my percentage for my four years of engineering. Well, what’s done is done… time to stop worrying about PSD and PDF and start thinking about PDC (the next exam… scheduled for Friday). It’s always been an interesting subject, and this time, I have a good enough textbook, so hopefully I’ll be doing it a lot better than today’s exam. After PDC, 3 exams remain in the next week… the countdown for Nov 24th has begun. (Incidentally, that is also the day mum arrives back from Kenya, hopefully with the new 3D card I asked dad to buy me)

Moving on to other news… Dad finally agreed to change our ISP. I’ve been having MAJOR issues with our current ISP (Hathway) for the past few days. Now, I’m just waiting to reach the monthly download limit. As soon as I come close enough, I’m going to call up Airtel and ask them to install their modem at home. The countdown begins towards the download cap 😛

And since it’s 12.30am according to my computer clock, it’s time I went to bed… tick… tock… tick… tock… (I’m sleepy, apparently)… Good Night.

13 Responses to “Countdowns begin”

  1. Good luck with your exams!

  2. what do all the abbreviations stand for?? in any case, good luck!!

  3. Hover your mouse over the abbreviations, you’ll see the full forms (I’m not sure if that works in Internet Explorer, though)

  4. it doesn’t!

  5. I think I should be able to pass comfortably, but that wasn’t the objective for these exams for me

    That’s one misguided student right there.

    Hope you get your graphics card soon 😉

  6. Graphics-card-shaphics-card!
    Baloney I tell you.

    I’ll be getting my BRAND NEW TI 28.8K Modem that I asked for back in the ’80s and I’ll check out this new thing they call the internet.

  7. good luck with the exams. Also good luck with the new ISP 😀 it won’t be as fast as mine though

  8. India’s got Bandwidth issues… undoubtedly yours will be faster than mine.

  9. The Internet? is that thing still around?

  10. jah homer. internet version 6.

    but i beat it.

    the end guy is hard.


  11. Good Luck with exams bro.

  12. Hope Monday’s exam when better than the last!

  13. 🙁
    It was probably the worst so far. I had a runny nose and my eyes were burning for most of Sunday… I couldn’t concentrate properly while studying.