Sellout And The Blues.

Posted on 10 Nov 2006 under GNEC, Journal/Life Updates, Site Designing

Notice anything different about the blog? Pretty much everything? 😉 Yeah, the theme and the ads (which you won’t be able to see if you’re using an ad-blocker). Let’s start with the ads… I never thought I’d ever put ads on any of my websites, but there they are. (I hear Manas’s voice saying “sellout” :P) I’m using Google Adsense (don’t quite know why I chose it over Bidvertiser, but there they are anyway). Took some suggestions from a couple of people (mOrpheuS and Mohammed) to finally implement them the right way (And also took some CSS help from n0obie4life to position it perfectly in this theme). Hope to make at least some money over time.

Next, about the theme… While browsing random WordPress theme sites (something I keep doing), I came across some great themes by Sadish Balasubramanian, which can be found at WP ThemePark. Trust me, this guy’s themes are GOOD. (So far, both the themes I’ve used on this blog – ShadedGrey and Green Track – have been made by him.) I really liked the colour of AquaBlue and the layout of Coffeespot, so I spent some time fusing the two, and what you see now is what I call Bluespot :D. I’ve validated the XHTML on a lot of pages, the Archives page is neat, and the overall look and feel of the theme is fantastic. As of now, I think this theme is perfect (although I had to spend a considerable amount of time working on the CSS to make it look just perfect… yay me the perfectionist :P)
And now, for another kind of the blues… exam blues. The lab external exams got over this Wednesday. I think I’ve done quite well in both my labs. From Monday start the final theory exams… those I am not too enthusiastic about. Up until the second half of this semester, I thought that SS was my only weak subject, but now I’m a little tense about PTSP based on what our seniors have been telling us about the paper and our lecturer’s teaching style, PDC (those numericals suddenly started getting quite tough and ECA (due to the fact that I don’t have a proper textbook for it, and also due to the fact that the subject is vague and has so many darned approximations and stuff). ES is not that big a deal, but I don’t have a textbook for this one either… will have to rely on ma’am’s notes or something. So well, there it is… basically, I’m not 100% confident about 5 out of 6 subjects this semester, which sucks (to say the least). Oh, by the way, the 6th subject is M3, which I’m sure I’ll do well in if I prepare enough for it.

Well, anyway, into the void I go… bravely marching forward because no one’s invented a machine that can either turn time back or freeze it. Bah.

16 Responses to “Sellout And The Blues.”

  1. The blog looks awesome, and the time machine is still in trial runs 😉 Good luck with those exam blues I heard they can be quite deadly be careful!!!

  2. Nice new theme and Favicon mate.

    Best of Luck 4 ur exams

    OH and thanks for the link back 😉

  3. Thanks for the good comments. I’m really enjoying this theme myself… more satisfied with it than any other theme I’ve used so far.

  4. Best of Luck for Your Exam.
    but if during the paper u find that you dont know any answers and are gonna flunk
    write this

    “I’m sure my friend Gandhi knows all the answers”

    and staple a 100 buck note inside your sheets.

  5. I shall keep that in mind 😛

  6. It looks nice… now i want half the money you earn from ads since i click them like once a day and i get you a lot of money 😀

  7. 🙂

  8. With comments like that from Blaster, he’ll owe you money when you get banned from Adsense! 😉

  9. I’ll sue him 🙂

  10. Well, it turns out that Gurdit is an inspiration to us all… Well, to me at least!

    I was reading through this week’s blog entries and figured that the ads here were quite un-obtrusive and decided to implement my own! I’ll see how I get on with them – I went for the single line at the top of the page like Gurdit’s and with a bit of persuasion through the Bidvertiser site, I managed to get 2 different banner types – one for my site and one for my blog. Hopefully un-obtrusive enough to not annoy my (very few) regular readers and just obtrusive enough for me to make a few bucks each month.

    I just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you gave me getting them set up 😀

  11. You’re welcome. Also, check up once if your Bidvertiser code is messing up your XHTML Validation or not… Because it kinda messed up mine

  12. @animal 😀

  13. awesome theme…makes the blog look a lot more alive!!

  14. Thank ye. 😀

  15. i do not have any good experience with Bidvertiser, they pay lower than Adbrite so i do not use them on my website.’`-

  16. I’ve stopped using both Bidvertiser as well as Adsense.