Sitescore, Favicon & PostRating plugin aaaannnnddd…. WOOHOO!

Posted on 04 Nov 2006 under Site Designing

So a couple of days back, I log on to the internet, and log onto Silktide Sitescore. (I’ve been waiting for my site to finally get indexed by Alexa, which improves the sitescore because it proves how popular/visited your site is, and popularity is one of the measurements for Sitescore). So, this morning, I notice a little message saying that the Sitescore engine has been updated and quite a few little bugs had been fixed. I also noticed that on their list of top rated websites, most websites’ sitescores had fallen by a .1 or so. However, my blog’s sitescore had risen from 6.9 to 7.5, and I was now being indexed by Alexa! So, the site’s finally eligible to display that little sitescore button (which you can see on the right just below the XHTML and CSS Validator buttons… hint : it’s red :P). Yay :D!
I also decided to get a favicon. And since I don’t have any image-editing software except Paint, which doesn’t count (and also, because I’m lazy… sue me :P), I image-searched on Google for “alphabet G”. Got quite a few interesting images, but I selected the one which you see in your address bar right now because it was the wackiest. It’s colourful, and since the colours appear to clash, it seems to represent the rebel in me. But heck, I will not hesitate to use another favicon if I find a better one.

I also have been wanting to add a Poll and a Rating Plugin to wordpress. The Poll idea was just for fun and to introduce some more interactivity between you and the site (which improves Sitescore too, coincidentally ;)), and well, I just stumbled upon the ratings plugin. This one is called WP-Postratings. I’ve seen it being used on a lot of sites, and I quite liked it… automatically takes the vote and finds the average without reloading the page (AJAX-based). The problem was that there were absolutely no instructions on installation and implementation with the default download, and the site which has the documentation is undergoing some changes, and their wiki is out of order… just my luck. Well, anyway, I searched for the plugin name on Google, hoping someone would have put the implementation code somewhere, and I finally managed to find it! Works like a charm 🙂 There are lots of other things I can apparently do with it too, but I’ll wait for the documentation wiki to be available again.

UPDATE (05 Nov, 2006 – 2.24pm):
Sitescore up to 7.9

22 Responses to “Sitescore, Favicon & PostRating plugin aaaannnnddd…. WOOHOO!”

  1. Well Comgrats for getting alexa to ur site 😀

    And now ur sitescore is 7.7 and will only go up.

    OH and thanks for the Ratings plugin, link. I will be installing that later on my site alon with their Number of times viewed one.

  2. Yeah, there are some good plugins there. I haven’t installed all of them because I didn’t want to cluster up my blog.

  3. Lovely, now i can add this stuff to my blog too.
    Its so cool… but you have to tell me more abt sitescore.. i need to know abt that.
    And also… could you please tell me where you learnt how to put the plugins to use?


  4. Its nice to see you got your silktide button. The blog looks great too. I can’t see the favicon though. 🙁

  5. I’ve tested the favicon on Firefox, Opera and IE. It doesn’t work on IE, so if you’re using IE, it may not display.

    @The King, most WordPress plugins are really easy to use. All you have to do it to download them, unzip them, and upload the file(s) to your plugins folder on your WordPress installation. Some of them may sometimes contain some code you have to put in your theme’s files, but the instructions are given in the readmes and are generally very easy to follow. (Of course sometimes you have to experiment to get your desired result :))

  6. yea i knwo i’m using IE which i hate…. but hey when you dont have firefox what are you suppose to do? Its my uncles shitty dell

  7. IE 7 supports favicons, I hear.

  8. k.. so i uploaded the file and put the line they give you in the readme in the archives of my theme under the other line they give us. But somehow, my thing doesnt get enabled. Since both of us are using wordpress, i thought you might know.
    Reply as soon as possilbe.. ty

  9. NVm.. i got it.. TY for the great thing bro.. owe you one for that.

  10. Erm… could do with a little help! My blog sitescore is only 6.7 – that’s because of a really low “popularity ranking”

    Otherwise, it’s quite promising – I get a 9.9 for design, 10.0 for Accessibility, and a 9.5 for Experience.

    Suggestions please…?

  11. Advertise your site like crazy! 😉
    I’ve been trying to do that for these past few weeks, and my popularity rating is still only 6.7

  12. I’m confused… your site score was 8.2 the last time I logged on. It’s now 7.6. What’s happening?

  13. The Bidvertiser code is messing up the XHTML. My Accessibility rating just went from 10.0 to 6.2
    I’ve sent a support query to Bidvertiser, but I’m not going to be able to look at it feverishly over the next few days because of my exams… I think I ought to be able to fix the code and regain a sitescore of 8.2 once I have some more time. 😀
    Obsessive as I am about these small things, I spent 15 minutes trying to fix the code. I compared the code on Cybermilitia (I knew he uses Bidvertiser and his pages validate), and I managed to fix my code. You can compare yours to mine or his and fix yours too… I also suggest using the WDG Validator to validate your pages… they give good fix tips with your validation.

  14. What I want to do on my blog, is every few hours take the oldest post and move it to the
    front of the queue, all automatically. Anyone know if there is a plugin that can do this or
    a simple way to set up another plugin to do this (use my own feed perhaps)?

  15. Osvaldo,
    you could try going through the WordPress Plugins Codex at
    Their list is pretty exhaustive.
    Otherwise, just try running a Google search for “WP Plugins” to find other sites that archive plugins.

  16. I’m using Safari and looks like this browser is giving the same problem of not displaying the favicon like IE.
    Is there a special way to display favicons in IE and Safari? Firefox works just fine.

  17. @amos:
    I haven’t done much research about this. My favicon worked well enough on all browsers. Currently, I’m not using one because I need to design a new one.

  18. Its nice to see you got your silktide button.

  19. good. at least you got it in end……….

  20. Favicons are such a nice thing to have yet require so little effort I do not know why they are more prevalent.

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  22. Advertise your site like crazy.The blog looks great too.i like your site very much.