Impossible is Nothing

Posted on 16 Sep 2006 under GNEC, Humour, Random

My mum says nothing is impossible.
I was discussing this with Aditya this morning in the bus, and realized she’s wrong.

  • It’s impossible to go to college and not be reminded of the silly rules at least once a day.
  • It’s impossible to get the TDP gang at the back to rock out to Iron Maiden.
  • It’s impossible to have water in the college bathrooms’ taps when you need it the most.
  • It’s impossible to sit in class with a full day of lectures and not feel sleepy.
  • It’s impossible for the girl I find interesting to ask me out. (I’m not a book)
  • It’s impossible to get a pat on the back by the lecturer for blowing the biggest gum bubble he’s ever seen.
  • It’s impossible to have unstopped power supply to the college for an entire day.
  • It’s impossible to find a place for everyone in the college bus without someone having to share his/her seat with someone else.
  • It’s impossible to flirt with someone.
  • It’s impossible to expect reasonable and logically sound rules.
  • It’s impossible to hear a lecture (or any speech, actually) by the principal without hearing the word “bloodybhool” in them.
  • It’s impossible to not be reminded to wear your ID Card, especially when you’re already wearing it.

OK, enough rubbish for now. This is my pathetic excuse for a blog entry. Have a nice day/night.

8 Responses to “Impossible is Nothing”

  1. That sucks i guess. But hey you get it in high school too.

    haha “her”
    (kids these days)

  2. Ever hear this one:

    People who say nothing is impossible, ask them to slam a revolving door. 😛

  3. That’s a nice one, lol

  4. was gonna show this to my mom…..but realized i wud just get my ass whooped and given a lecture abt being a cheeky bastard…

  5. If I wasn’t a cheeky bastard myself, I’d have been a zombie.
    3 cheers to cheekiness 🙂

    PS: convince your mum I’m insane, and that you disagree with everything I say, and she just might not whoop your ass 😉

  6. Yes yes, its me….the same person , whos name is appearing somewhere in the first 3 lines of this post…

    To G:
    Mate, this is the best entry i might have even accidentally stumbled upon just to explore your site, which i did today.., and obvi i went to college..and wallah…this gleams out….ME ME…
    Too bad your ratings thingy isnt working for this one. The only ppl who would truly understand this, Brilliant college, with a far too lonely principle. Usually ppl just shag to get rid of depression. This guy actually depresses others.
    Oh look, Im being sadistic…and for once its fun. :p

  7. The ratings thingy isn’t working? It worked for me… I just rated this entry 4.

  8. How can I add you to Facebook or Twitter or something to get update from your site? Have a link for me or something? Thanks